Do People Leave Companies or Bosses?

It’s only when we dig a little deeper, perhaps at the exit interview, that we discover that the key employee who is leaving you, still loves the company and their colleagues, enjoys the work and is sorry to be leaving. They’re leaving because they could no longer take the manner in which they were being […]

Abdicating Your Customer Service Responsibilities?

In the pursuit of cost-cutting and operational efficiency, many businesses are tempted to abdicate their customer service responsibilities, seeking refuge in offshore customer service centers due to favorable exchange rates. However, the dangers of such a move are multiple, with potential repercussions that can severely damage a company’s reputation and erode customer trust, ultimately impacting […]

You Can’t Front Load Relationship Selling

Relationship selling (as opposed to transactional selling) seeks to build trust with chosen customers in order to lock in loyalty. Our very best endeavours don’t always work perfectly. Products need servicing, things break and advice given today can be outdated in weeks or months as markets continually adjust. But customers are astute – they seek […]

Who’s Checking Out Who?

No one forgets their first week in a new job, particularly when new to the organisation. Everything from the environment to the culture is brand new, and probably quite different to previous places of toil. One gets an immediate sense of the mood of the place. It could be playful, urgent, formal, serious or light-hearted […]

Employee Satisfaction Surveys: Should they be in-house or external?

It is widely believed that employees are a company’s most valuable resource. Understanding the ebb and flow of human mindsets should be a priority if an organisation is to thrive. Surveying the perceptions of employees has become an effective way of quickly getting to the bottom of dissatisfaction, threats or opportunities that may not be […]

Should Organisations Conduct Customer Satisfaction Audits?

Before going into the reasons why a customer satisfaction audit (CSA) can be very useful to find out what customers think and feel, it’s worth stating the obvious up front: If it’s for information purposes only, then it amounts to a time consuming and possibly expensive luxury.  If it’s part of a strategy with clearly […]