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We measure perceptions

Imagine having an accurate picture of what your people or your customers think and feel? Our online surveys provide the detailed statistics and insights you need to find out, then take decisive action in time, when it matters.

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Introduction to Perception Auditors

People’s truths are shaped by their experiences. Organizational leaders understand how important it is for employees to respond to customer needs, and that they feel equipped do so. That’s why leaders must understand employee perceptions and customer needs clearly. “Flying blind” is not an option.

Because your organisation’s performance hinges on the effectiveness of your people, their perceptions of everything are key to that success. Employees who feel impeded don’t perform. That’s why having an accurate picture of their feelings is critical. What’s more, if your people feel that their views and inputs count, their attitude towards your business will shift. Customers respond better to energised, motivated and empowered employees who engage with them. Asking the people that matter what they think and feel will enable you to devise practical solutions to meet their needs. Being heard is good for both your people and your customers. Perception Auditors does exactly that. We remove the mystery so that the team can focus on what it does best.

Measuring and analyzing responses will tell you

Perception Auditors’ Methodology

1. Survey Scope and Objectives

Agree on audit attributes and questions, categories, and any other data characteristics

2. Survey Population Sample

Survey the entire population, or in the case of large entities a significant sample size

3. Statistical Analysis

Descriptive & inferential statistics help explain what is happening in the organization, where and why

4. Report on Observations - and Inferences

Trends, deviations, and correlations between variables help to identify and diagnose problems or potential issues

5. Transformation Objectives & Monitoring

Perception Auditors will help determine an optimal course of action for next steps including measuring effectiveness of strategies along the journey

What makes us different?

We provide much more than just a survey. Our in-depth analysis enables meaningful drill-down into demographic data layers, allowing meaningful comparison of the different perceptions of departments, levels or regions in an organization. Customers can be similarly segmented using any relevant criteria to provide an accurate data-based diagnostic.

Meet The Team

Craig Stephens

Craig is a director and co-founder of Perception Auditors Inc. His career has specialized in financial services and information technology. He obtained an MSc from the University of London in 1995 and in 1997 was co-designer with Paul of the Attitude Barometric Survey, one of the early company culture audits.

Paul du Toit

Paul is a director and co-founder of Perception Auditors Inc., and MD of Congruence Training specialising in communication skills. He is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), a multi-award winning speaker and facilitator and the author of 2 business books. Since 1997 he's been working with Craig on organizational culture audits.

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